Friday, May 22, 2015

In Noah’s Country-A Roadtrip through Post-Genocide Armenia


To commemorate the 1915 Genocide against Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks by the Ottoman Empire, we are advance releasing this new book on the deliberate and ongoing destruction of Armenian culture.

Photography and Preface by Judith Crispin. With essays by Vicken Babkenian, Armen Gakavian, Dickran Kouymjian and Hamlet Petrosyan.

Photography / History / 1st Edition
Published by T&G Publishing
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket:
96 pages with over 60+ colour and B/W photographs, 244mm wide x 276mm deep /
9.6 x 11 in.

Publication date: August 2015. The pre-order offer will end at the end of June 2015.

Australian photographer Judith Crispin is joined by four internationally renowned historians in shedding light on the destruction of Armenian cultural heritage over the last century, culminating in the destruction of one of the world's oldest Christian cemeteries, a field of Armenian cross-stones at Julfa, by Azerbaijani military forces. The book shows the deliberate removal and abandonment of any Armenian association within Turkish territories, how world bodies have accepted the neglect and attrition, and who has deliberately misattributed the rich Armenian heritage to redevelop their own cultural identity.

By pre-ordering this publication you will receive the following:

The first 150 purchasers will received a Limited Edition print of the cover photograph (as illustrated bottom left). One Type-C print on Fuji Archival (22 x 25 cm /8.6 x 10 in) numbered 1-150 and signed by the photographer. Photograph of a Geghardvank Khachkar, after mass.
The book will feature a special page of acknowledgement with all the names of everyone who helped to make this book possible by supporting this pre-order of the publication (one name per purchase, please indicate your name or family name and the country you are from in the Additional Information area in the checkout area) or if you do not like to be acknowledged please leave blank.
You will make it also possible to make the book available in Armenia and a special reduced rate of 40% discount to the Armenian people in their country.
If you would like to further help us compensate for the currency difference by subsidising books for people in Armenia or by helping us spread the word about this publication, please email Judith Crispin at